Round 1 Recap


17 Sep Round 1 Recap

Garry and the team had a tough start to Round 1 of the Toyota 86 Series, qualifying well down the order in 17th due to a lack of testing. However, a good start in race 1, Garry made up 10 positions to finish in 7th place, while demonstrating his skill and experience avoiding the carnage throughout. A hard race 2 meant Garry only gained 2 positions in a hard-fought race, with a lack of pace hampering his efforts. A tough race 3 for Garry and the team, after he was taken out on the first lap by a young driver when he was up to tenth spot. His erratic manoeuvre created a puncture in Garry’s right rear tyre causing him to go a lap down and creating an unscheduled pit stop. The Safety car came out and once the race was restarted he only had three laps of racing left, in which Garry passed over ten cars. The car was a big improvement from race 2 the previous day. The crew did an exceptional job, great work Rhette, Al, Shaun and Phil. A huge thanks goes out to Paul Morris Motorsport for the perfectly prepared car.

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