Troy’s Tips

Driving Tips

For the karter who is just starting out, the experienced karter looking for that extra edge or even the casual karter wanting to add more to their experience, we have the following advice from professional driver Troy Hunt

  • Always brake in a straight line
  • When applying brakes, make sure your foot is off the throttle
  • Make your turns smooth – do not be too aggressive with the steering wheel
  • Accelerate at the apex of the turn
  • It is important to think about corners ahead
  • When passing, do not forget about your braking zone
  • It is important to be fast on the exit of a corner to take full advantage of your kart
  • Try to use the whole width of the track to maintain speed (see below)
  • It is much quicker and safer not to have any contact with other karts whilst passing
  • When raining, it is impotant not to lock the rear wheels whilst braking
Racing Lines

The racing lines indicate the best places to be before each turn and on each straight. If followed correctly, they will significantly increase your performance. Although some basic physics are involved, not all drivers will agree on the exact layout of the lines. For example, some corners may be slightly different depending on your driving style. Here are some examples of racing lines, for the four hire tracks, provided by Troy Hunt.

About Troy Hunt

Troy Hunt is a 4 times Australian Karting Champion, 13 times State Karting Champion, came 8th in the World Championship 2000 and is a European Factory Driver.

Troy also runs Top Gun Kart Racing Team and Top Gun Competition Karting Acadamy where you can draw on his extensive knowledge and experiences in competition and professional kart racing. The Top Gun Acadamy holds private lessons as well as small groups, and can be found online here